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We’re looking forward to meeting you and showing you around your chosen companion! On your check-in day your vehicle will be clean and ready for induction and pickupfrom 10AM til 4PM. You are welcome to store your vehicle safely on our drive whilst you’re on your adventure, we ask your vehicle’s key remain with us in the event the alarm is triggered or the vehicle needs to be moved.

To speed up your pickup and get you on the road, you can download the below documents and review them ahead of your visit. To get you insured we need some documentation, which you can provide using the form below:

Click the below link for all paperwork related to renting out Betsy, our Volkswagen Transporter T5 Campervan

Click the below link for all paperwork related to renting Gerty, our Fiat Chausson Welcome 85 motorhome

Pickup and Dropoff 

We will start with a walk around the outside of the vehicle, where we will identify any existing damage.

We’ll then go over the inventory of the vehicle where we’ll identify everything included for your use, where to find it and then  finally a walkthrough of the features available and how to use them.

We’ll then take your relevant insurance documentation and scan it, see list above, you can provide this prior to the visit to speed things up.

At the end we’ll ask you to sign the Renter’s Agreement, the Inventory Report and the Damage report (in the zipped bundle listed above).

Once we’re both happy with the the vehicles and how to use them, you’re on your way!

Insurance Documentation